The Collection tab displays a list of the movies that you own and/or added to your collection. You may also add your favorite movies manually in this window.

The Collection tab is a convenient way to keep track of all of the movies you have watched, own, or are interested in. When you add a movie, you can easily click on the movie title link to view detailed information about the movie and search for Movie Remixes and MovieMarks for that movie on the MoovieLive web site. You can also click the link the Comments column to view all the latest short comments on MoovieLive for this movie.

To view detailed information about a specific movie within your Collection, click on the PowerDVD moviein4 Collection button to open in the Movie Info window. See Movie Info for more information.

PowerDVD note Collection

Note: movies that you previously watched with CyberLink PowerDVD are indicated by a chapter icon PowerDVD mcchap30 Collection next to them. Click this icon to view the movie’s chapter thumbnails in the Chapter Viewer, even if the disc is not in the drive.

Adding Movies to My Movies

You can add more movies to your Collection at any time, even if you have not yet watched them with CyberLink PowerDVD.

To add more movies, do this:

  1. Click on the Add Movie button.
  2. In the Search For Movie window, enter in the name of movie you want to add and then click OK. CyberLink PowerDVD displays a list of movies with similar names.
  3. Select the movie in the Search Results window that you want to add and then click OK.
  4. Select the disc type (select movie if you do not own or have the disc and just want it in your collection) and then click OK.
PowerDVD note Collection

Note: if the movie you are looking for was not found, you may add it manually in the Movie Info window. See Adding a Movie to MoovieLive for more information.

Once you have added movies to your Collection, click the Sync With MoovieLive button to upload the updated information to the MoovieLive web site and share this information with your friends.