Disc Info

The Disc Info tab contains detailed information about the current disc in your disc drive. You can retrieve chapter titles and disc version information from MoovieLive by clicking the Download button.

PowerDVD note Disc Info

Note: if there is more than one version of a disc for a movie (i.e. widescreen version, director’s cut, two disc version, etc.), you may select from the list or type in the version name in the Disc version field.

Editing Chapter Titles

CyberLink PowerDVD lets you enter titles for all of the chapters on a disc. You may want to do this to make it easier to find your favorite scenes later when viewing the movie.

To edit chapter titles, do this:

  1. Click Edit Chapter Titles on the Disc Info tab.
  2. Click in a chapter’s title field and enter a title.
  3. When you are done entering the chapter titles, click the Save button.

Disc Info