Movie Information

The Movie Info tab displays detailed production information about the current movie you are watching. If there is currently no information displayed for the current movie, click the Download button.

Adding a Movie to MoovieLive

If the movie you are watching is not currently found on MoovieLive, you can add the information yourself and then upload it.

PowerDVD note Movie Information

Note: it is recommended that you first click PowerDVD search b Movie Information and use the search function to try and find the movie on MoovieLive before trying to add it.

To add a movie to MoovieLive, simply enter in the movie information in the fields provided and then click Save. Next, click Upload to add it to the MoovieLive web site.

Adding a Movie to My Movies

If you enjoyed watching a particular movie and you are interested in reading other CyberLink PowerDVD user short comments, or watching MovieMarks or Movie Remixes in the future, you can add it to your Movie Collection. To do this, click Add To My Movies. For more information on your Movie Collection, see Movie Collection.

Short Comments

When you enter a comment or short review in the short comment* field during playback and then share it on Facebook, Twitter and MoovieLive, CyberLink PowerDVD saves it on the Movie Info tab. You can also select the Read more short comments on MoovieLive to view short comments added by others.

PowerDVD note Movie Information

Note: * this feature is not available in some versions of CyberLink PowerDVD.

Movie Information