Personal Notes

The Personal Notes tab keeps track of your personal viewing information for each movie, including your rating and the dates watched.

My rating

Rate the current movie by selecting on the appropriate star.

Viewing record

The viewing record contains your viewing history for a movie. Every time you watch a movie with CyberLink PowerDVD, it enters the date watched. If you watched a movie outside of CyberLink PowerDVD (i.e. at a theater, on TV, etc.) you may also add this date to your viewing history by clicking on Add.

  • Watched: select how you watched the movie.
  • Date: enter the date you watched the movie.
  • Type: select the type of movie, i.e. DVD or Blu-ray Disc. If you watched in a theater or on TV, select Movie.
  • Time: enter the time you watched a movie.
  • Notes: enter in any personal notes about a movie, for example where or who you watched it with.

Click OK and then the Save button to save your personal notes. Next, click the Upload button to share this information on MoovieLive.

PowerDVD note Personal Notes

Note: your complete CyberLink PowerDVD viewing history is displayed in the Movie Collection. See Movie Collection for more information.

Personal Notes