Blu-ray Disc Settings

On the Blu-ray Disc tab* you can configure the settings for the playback of Blu-ray Disc titles.

PowerDVD note Blu ray Disc Settings

Note: this feature is not available in some versions of CyberLink PowerDVD.

Country code

Some Blu-ray Disc titles may have features that are country specific and are enabled only when that country code is selected.

  • Select Use system default country to use the same country as your operating system.
  • Select User defined and select a specific country that you want CyberLink PowerDVD to use from the drop-down menu.

Region code

The Region code section provides you with easy access to manage and change the region settings of your computer’s Blu-ray Disc drive.

PowerDVD note Blu ray Disc Settings

Note: you may only change the region setting of your disc drive a maximum five times.

  • Select which region you would like to set your disc drive to. Setting it to a region means that you can only play titles from that region with your disc drive and CyberLink PowerDVD.
  • Changes remaining: displays the remaining number of times you can change the region.

BD-J application certification

  • Allow connection when certification is invalid: when accessing BD-J content on a Blu-ray Disc, if the disc’s digital signature is not recognized or is invalid, CyberLink PowerDVD will ask you if you want to continue the connection to the Internet. This is because the content may be unsafe. If you select this option, CyberLink PowerDVD will continue with the connection to the BD-Live site without prompting you.
  • Enable BD-J keyboard support: select this option to enable keyboard support for BD-J content.
PowerDVD note Blu ray Disc Settings

Note: enabling this feature disables all existing CyberLink PowerDVD hot keys.

Blu-ray Disc Settings