Advanced Blu-ray Disc Settings

CyberLink PowerDVD also has Advanced Blu-ray Disc settings on the Blu-ray Disc tab. Click the Advanced button to access the additional settings.


On the BD-Live tab you can select the folder CyberLink PowerDVD stores content downloaded from the Internet.

Local storage

Local storage is used to store the extra content downloaded from the Internet, such as virtual packaged media.

If you would like to change the default location, click Browse and navigate to the directory you want to use for storage. Click Manage to remove this extra content from your computer to free up disk space if required.

Windows Aero

When playing Blu-ray Discs on a Windows 7/Vista computer, select the Windows Aero tab and then select Allow PowerDVD to automatically disable Windows Aero to optimize Blu-ray Disc playback to improve performance. Once playback is stopped, CyberLink PowerDVD re-enables Windows Aero.

Hybrid Disc

On the Hybrid Disc tab you can set the default behavior of CyberLink PowerDVD when a hybrid disc is in your disc drive.

Hybrid disc

From the drop down, select the behavior of CyberLink PowerDVD when a hybrid (DVD/Blu-ray Disc) is inserted into the disc drive. Select Play format based on type of disc drive if you want CyberLink PowerDVD to play the Blu-ray Disc format if a hybrid disc is inserted in a Blu-ray Disc drive. Select Always play the DVD Video if you want CyberLink PowerDVD to play the DVD video.

Advanced Blu-ray Disc Settings