DVD Settings

On the DVD tab, you can configure the settings for the playback of DVD titles.

DVD features

The DVD features option lets you configure some special settings when playing DVDs or VCDs.

PowerDVD note DVD Settings

Note: you can only configure these options when playback is paused.

  • Automatically enable Read-It-Clearly in full screen mode: select this option to have CyberLink PowerDVD dynamically reposition subtitles when played at full screen, obstructing less of the video.
    • High performance mode: select this option for improved performance when Read-It-Clearly is enabled.
PowerDVD note DVD Settings

Note: it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of VGA drivers, if applicable, before enabling High performance mode.

  • Play DVD/VCD more smoothly between 4x-8x speed: when this option is enabled, playback is smoother when fast forwarding at 4x or 8x speed.

Chapter viewer thumbnails

CyberLink PowerDVD saves all of the chapter thumbnails on your computer when you use the Chapter Viewer. If you would like to manage these thumbnails to free up disc space, do this:

  1. Click the Manage button.
  2. Select the title thumbnails from the list that you would like to remove.
  3. Click on Delete to remove the selected images from your computer, and then Close to return to the DVD settings tab.

DVD Settings