MoovieLive Settings

On the MoovieLive tab you can configure CyberLink PowerDVD’s interaction with the MoovieLive web service.

Auto sign in

This option lets you decide whether you want to automatically sign in to MoovieLive every time CyberLink PowerDVD is launched.

  • Select Auto sign in to MoovieLive to enjoy the benefits of MoovieLive automatically when required.
PowerDVD note MoovieLive Settings

Note: if you don’t have a user name and password, select Sign up to get one now.

MoovieLive features

Selecting this option enables the advanced features and benefits of MoovieLive within CyberLink PowerDVD, including the downloading of disc information when a disc is inserted and the submission of your Short Comments, MovieMarks and Movie Remixes.

PowerDVD note MoovieLive Settings

Note: when you enable advanced features, you are asked to agree to the MoovieLive privacy policy. You may click on the associated link on the tab to review the privacy policy and terms of use in detail.

Data language

The Data language option lets you select the language of the movie information that is imported from the MoovieLive web site into CyberLink PowerDVD.

  • Select Same as UI language to use the same language as specified on the User Interface Settings tab. See Video Settings for more information.
  • To select another language for the imported movie, deselect Same as UI language and select the desired language from the Default language for viewing movie data drop down menu.

MoovieLive Settings