On the Player tab you can configure CyberLink PowerDVD’s playback behavior when playing media

You can configure the settings on this tab as follows:

Default disc drive

If you have multiple disc drives in your computer, the Default disc drive option lets you select the default drive, i.e. the drive CyberLink PowerDVD first looks for a disc when launched.

Auto-resume setting

The Auto-resume setting section lets you set the behavior of CyberLink PowerDVD when you insert a disc played previously. See “Auto-Resume” on page 11 for more information on this feature.

Select from the available settings in the drop-down list. To prevent CyberLink PowerDVD from prompting you when a disc is inserted, select one of the first two options.

Player options

  • Run PowerDVD 10 automatically at Windows startup: select this option to have CyberLink PowerDVD launch automatically when your computer starts.
  • Show tooltips: select this option to display hints that provide information on a button or feature whenever your mouse cursor is positioned over it.
  • Enable DVD+VR: select this option to enable the playback of DVD+VR discs.
  • Automatically connect to the Internet for product information: select this option to allow CyberLink PowerDVD to receive product information and show advertisements from CyberLink.
  • Display the rating dialog when playback stops: deselect this option if you don’t want to display the pop-up dialog (only displays when there is no Internet connection) where you can rate movies when you stop playing the disc.

Screen control

  • Run full screen: select this option if you would like to playback content at full screen by default.
  • Video always on top: select this option if you would like to keep the playback of video on top of all other programs and windows on your computer.