Video Settings

On the Video tab you have full control over the video playback settings in CyberLink PowerDVD.

Hardware acceleration

  • Enable hardware acceleration: select this option if you would like to activate IDCT and Motion Compensation from the hardware to get smoother playback if your display card is powerful enough. By enabling this option, some features are unavailable.

TrueTheater effects

PowerDVD note Video Settings

Note: * this feature is not available in some versions of CyberLink PowerDVD.

TrueTheater effects are a group of video enhancement technologies from CyberLink that help to provide the best quality video possible during the playback of DVD titles.

PowerDVD note Video Settings

Note: TrueTheater effects are disabled during the playback of Blu-ray Disc titles. TrueTheater effects are also disabled when hardware acceleration is enabled.

  • Auto adjustment: select this option to apply all TrueTheater effects automatically and have CyberLink PowerDVD dynamically adjust (turn on or off) TrueTheater HD and Motion according to the CPU usage and mobile power settings (notebook users only).
  • TrueTheater HD: select this option to up scale the original video to a higher resolution version, which is sharper and artifact-free. TrueTheater HD is capable of boosting 480p video to 1080p. Use the slider to adjust the sharpness to the best output that suits your configuration.
  • TrueTheater Lighting (CyberLink Eagle Vision 2): is a video enhancement technology developed by CyberLink that detects video content and dynamically adjusts the brightness/contrast/saturation ratios so that you do not need to change the color settings if the movie you are watching contains scenes that are overly dark or too bright. Use the level slider to adjust the TrueTheater Lighting effect the desired amount.
  • TrueTheater Motion: select this option to enable frame rate upsampling, from 24 fps up to 60 fps, to make panning scenes, particularly in action movies, play more smoothly. The Smoother option will double the frame rate of the original movie content, while Smoothest can improve the frame rate of DVD content to 60 frames/s or 72 frames/s, depending on the output frame rate of your display.

TrueTheater effect display mode

The TrueTheater effect display mode option is available when you enable TrueTheater effects and lets you select how video displays in the CyberLink PowerDVD window during playback.

You can select from the following display modes:

  • PowerDVD tt norma Video Settings : select to view the applied TrueTheater effects on the entire video in normal mode.
  • PowerDVD tt spli5 Video Settings : select to compare the applied TrueTheater effects in split mode, with the left half of the video played back with the original video, while the right half has the video enhancements applied.
  • PowerDVD tt comp6 Video Settings : select to preview the applied TrueTheater effects on the entire video using compare mode, with the left side containing the original video, while the right side contains the same video with the video enhancements applied.

Color profile

Select a color profile from the drop-down menu to change the overall color scheme of video content during playback. Original uses the color scheme of the disc you are watching. Vivid, Bright, and Theater add enhanced color to the video display. You may also create a custom color profile in the Advanced Settings. See Color for more information.

PowerDVD note Video Settings

Note: enabling TrueTheater Lighting disables the Color profile feature.

Video Settings