Advanced Video Settings

CyberLink PowerDVD also includes Advanced Video settings on the Video tab. Click the Advanced button to access the additional settings. Select one of the following tabs:

PowerDVD note Advanced Video Settings

Note: some of these options are only available during playback.

Smart De-Interlacing Mode

This configuration allows for modifications according to display screen preferences.

De-Interlacing mode

  • Select None if you don’t wish to use de-interlacing.
  • Select Perform de-interlacing if you want to lower your CPU usage.
PowerDVD note Advanced Video Settings

Note: if TrueTheater video effects are enabled, the below de-interlacing options are disabled.

  • If enabled, select the De-interlacing method from the drop-down list. Advanced users should select the option that best suit their needs.
  • If enabled, it is recommend that you use Perform smart de-interlacing and the recommended setting is Advanced pixel adaptive. This optimizes the video quality.

Dual Display Mode (Using Overlay and Clone Mode)

The Dual Display Mode settings enable you to display video on two display devices (such as a computer monitor and a TV). Available options depend on the video graphics card in your computer.

  • Default driver setting: select this to use the driver default overlay behavior, which is normally to show black video on the secondary monitor.
  • Full screen on secondary device (using Overlay mode): select this to use Overlay mode to display full-screen video output on your secondary display device.
  • Same-on-all (using Off-screen mode): select this to use Off-screen mode to display the same video output on both your primary and secondary display devices.
  • Don’t change (use current VGA driver settings): select this option to use the current setting for the VGA driver, which can be changed via the control panel.


The Color tab lets you manually configure the color scheme for your video. You may adjust the pre-set color schemes or create your own color profile.

Color control

To adjust the Color control, select a color scheme and then drag the sliders to the desired effect. The counter to the right of each color displays the degree of modification.

PowerDVD note Advanced Video Settings

Note: depending on your display chip, some controls may not be available for modification. Clicking Restore only restores the values to the default profiles. This will not apply to personal video profiles.

Video Quality

During the playback of H.264 content, the Video Quality tab is displayed to allow you to set the quality of the content based on your CPU’s power.

Video quality options

  • Auto: select this option for CyberLink PowerDVD to automatically provide you with the best quality available for smooth playback on your PC.
  • Best: select this option to display a high quality video, which consumes the most CPU power.
  • Good: select this option to balance the playback quality and CPU performance.
  • Normal: select this option for smooth playback, with reduced quality.

Advanced Video Settings