Express Menu

The Express Menu provides quick access to many of CyberLink PowerDVD’s controls and options during playback. To access it, simply right-click the mouse button on the video content window.

PowerDVD note Express Menu

Note: the features that are displayed and available in the Express Menu is completely dependent on the type of media you are currently playing and the features that are available for the specific media (disc title, video file, etc.).

The Express Menu is separated into multiple sections, which are outlined below.

Express Menu Preferences

Select Show/Hide Controls to select which sets of controls you would like to display in the Express menu. To hide a set of controls, just deselect it from the list.

Basic Controls

Playback Controls

Includes basic playback controls (Play, Stop, Pause, etc.) for CyberLink PowerDVD.

Go To

Use the Go To option to quickly select a chapter or navigate among available titles, when available. The check mark signifies the current playback title, while the arrows to the right of the title signify further selections in the form of chapters. You can also use the Browser or the Chapter Viewer windows for easier access to chapters.


Use the BookMark option to add bookmarks or jump to existing bookmarked scenes in the BookMark Viewer or the Browser. See BookMark Functions or Browser for more information on these features.

Full Screen

Select Full Screen to toggle CyberLink PowerDVD to and from full screen mode.

Viewing Controls

Aspect Ratio

Select the Keep Aspect Ratio option to keep the correct aspect ratio of your video content and window and apply a letterbox if required.

Stretch to Fit the Screen

Stretch to Fit the Screen stretches the movie to fit the video window.

TrueTheater Stretch*

TrueTheater Stretch feature is only available in full screen mode and is for DVD titles with a widescreen aspect ratio (i.e. optimal with 16:9 on a 4:3 monitor). It employs CyberLink’s unique Pano Vision video technology to stretch the movie to fit the monitor size.

PowerDVD note Express Menu

Note: * this feature is not available in some versions of CyberLink PowerDVD.

The available TrueTheater Stretch modes are as follows:

  • Smart Stretch: crops and stretches the sides of the picture slightly, while keeping the center as is.
  • Fit to Screen: keeps the center of the picture as is, while stretching the sides slightly.
  • Smart for 2.35:1: select this option for disc titles that have an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. This setting is specifically designed to maximize the display space of widescreen (16:9 or 16:10) display devices when viewing discs with this aspect ratio.
  • Custom Stretch: enables a custom created aspect ratio configured on the Aspect Ratio tab. See Aspect Ratio for more information on creating a custom aspect ratio.

Pan & Scan

Pan & Scan displays the central portion of disc content and allows you to drag the display area to view all portions of the video. This feature is only available in full screen mode and is for disc titles with the 2.35:1 or 1.85:1 aspect ratios (i.e. optimal for widescreen content on a 4:3 monitor). Check the aspect ratio of your specific disc title for optimal results when using this feature.

Pan & Scan enables you to view content without the black bars, but at the expense of being unable to view the entire screen area at once. The default Pan & Scan position is centered, but you can move the video screen simply by clicking on it and dragging the screen left or right.

Digital Zoom

This is the only area where you may access the digital zoom feature that allows you to zoom in your favorite scenes.

PowerDVD note Express Menu

Note: digital zoom is only available in full screen mode.

  1. Right click for the Express Menu and select Aspect Ratio > Digital Zoom > 4X or 9X.
  2. Click and drag the screen to the area where you want to zoom in. The upper left corner of your screen will display the zoomed in area in relation (green border) to normal screen mode (white border).
  3. To return to the full screen mode, return to the Express Menu (right-click) and choose Aspect Ratio > Keep Aspect Ratio, or any of the other aspect ratio viewing controls.

Preference Controls

Audio Languages

The Audio Languages menu lets you select from the available audio streams, i.e. the dialogue language. The number of audio streams depends on the disc title itself.


The Primary Subtitles menu is the selection menu for the default subtitles. Primary Subtitles usually display at the bottom of the screen.

The Secondary Subtitles menu is for additional subtitles that you can choose to display along with the default subtitles.

Viewing Angles

When available on some disc titles, select this option to switch among camera angles.


The Karaoke option is available when playing back karaoke discs. See Playing a Karaoke Disc for more information.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning, if supported by your disc title, is made available by national organizations and is tailored towards the hearing impaired. The captions are found in video content and in the form of text located somewhere on the picture. Closed captions, as opposed to open captions, are hidden in the video signals and need a special decoder.

Show Information

When you enable Show Information, the OSD (on screen display) displays the variable video bitrate, audio types such as Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0 or DTS 5.1, and their audio bit rates. It also displays the playback time elapsed and remaining, plus the chapter and title information.

Blu-ray Disc Preference Controls

During the playback of Blu-ray Disc* titles, the following extra preference controls are available in the Express Menu:

PowerDVD note Express Menu

Note: * this feature is not available in some versions of CyberLink PowerDVD.

PiP Video

Select to enable a picture in picture window that contains additional content, when available on certain Blu-ray Disc titles.

PiP Audio Language

Select the language of the picture in picture video from the list.

Primary Subtitles

When PiP Video is enabled, there may be additional subtitles available in Primary Subtitles for the picture in picture video (indicated by (from PiP) next to it). When you select PiP subtitles, they are displayed on the main video.

PowerDVD note Express Menu

Note: when the video in the PiP window ends or is closed, the displayed subtitles will revert back to the originally selected Primary Subtitles.

Still Off

When playback is paused, select this item to resume playback.

DVD Menu Controls

Select Menu

Use the Select Menu option to quickly jump to one of the available disc menus. See Accessing Disc Menus in PowerDVD for more information.


Select Resume to return to the last scene you were previously watching. This function is best if you stopped playback to go to the disc menu, and then you want to quickly return to the scene you were just watching.

PowerDVD Controls


Provides quick access to the Settings window. Refer to Settings for more information.


Select this option to activate or upgrade your version of CyberLink PowerDVD.


Displays information about your version of CyberLink PowerDVD.


Closes the CyberLink PowerDVD program.

Express Menu