Playing a Karaoke Disc

You can use CyberLink PowerDVD to play back Karaoke DVDs or VCDs. Be sure to look for the Karaoke Logo on the DVD/VCD title package before starting playback.

Selecting Karaoke Options

  1. Upon inserting your karaoke disc, be sure your microphone is properly connected.
  2. Click the play button to display the menu screen.
  3. Use the navigation buttons on the menu pad in the More Functions window or choose a song by clicking on it with your mouse.
  4. During playback, click the PowerDVD karaok54 Playing a Karaoke Disc button within More Functions or right-click to call the Express Menu and select Karaoke.
PowerDVD note Playing a Karaoke Disc

Note: for more information on using More Functions see More Functions, and for using the Express Menu, see Express Menu.

  1. Select from dual vocal channels on (Both Channels), either Left Channel or Right Channel.
  2. If playing a karaoke VCD, select the desired audio channel for the voice and music mixing in the Express Menu.

Adjust Pitch

You can adjust the pitch of your karaoke titles using the Adjust Pitch function.

To adjust pitch, do the following:

  1. Right click on the PowerDVD karaok58 Playing a Karaoke Disc button within More Functions.
  2. Select Adjust Pitch and then make your selection.

Playing a Karaoke Disc